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You choose, we deliver.

Fresh To Dress is an international online shopping platform based in the United States.

We are selling unique collections which will give you a variety of options for the most beautiful Indian desi clothes. Our products are being Designed from India and delivered to the U.S. In order to deliver to our customers.

FTD will give you access to beautiful designs of Indian clothes, Which are not easily found. We are planning to expand and add traditional Afghan Clothes into our platform, which will also include traditional jewelry and handmade detail materials.

Freshta Sakhizada found this platform, an Afghan woman who is currently living in the U.S.
Graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration. Freshta Sakhizada got her inspiration from her parents, Who always wished to see her as an independent and empowered woman.
Her parents struggled to educate her and guide her through this path in Afghanistan. A place
where it is hard to be on your own when you’re born as a woman.


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